The Top Three Food Grade Silica Supplements

If you are currently searching for a silica supplement, then you’ve probably been bombarded by the sheer amount of silica products on the market. Silica products can either be plant based or mineral based, although we prefer mineral based as it is more effective. Whether or not you reap the benefits of silica is determined by which silica supplement you choose. We have three recommendations for silica supplements that include:

#1 Choice – Diatomaceous Earth

silica benefits for healthDiatomaceous earth is a mineral based source of silica that comes from the remains of prehistoric algae that once littered the oceans. As these algae died, their exoskeletons settled on the ocean floor and now are mined as food grade diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth has roughly an 85% concentration of silica, which is slightly lower than other sources of silica. However, diatomaceous earth does not have any of the side effects associated with other sources of silica as a result. Plus, diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective cleansers on the market and it can help you eliminate heavy metals, bacteria, and other toxins from the body.

Bonus Tip – Remember to buy food grade diatomaceous earth not industrial grade DE.

#2 Choice – Horsetail Grass

Horsetail has a 92% concentration of silica, which is much higher than many other common sources of silica. Unfortunately, some studies have discovered some alarming concerns regarding horsetail. Recent studies have show that diabetics may experience low blood sugar levels while using horsetail – sometimes to dangerously low levels. If you’re a diabetic, you’ll want to monitor your blood sugar even more closely than you already do.

In addition, horsetail might also cause hypokalemia, which is a condition when potassium levels drop dangerously low. This is because horsetail acts as a natural diuretic and causes more frequent urination. In addition, horsetail contains a chemical called thiaminase, which may remove vitamin B1 from the body.

Third and finally, silica does help to flush toxins out of the body but some studies suggest that horsetail cannot eliminate lithium from the body for some unknown reason. Lithium toxicity can cause serious organ damage that is sometimes irreparable.

Although horsetail does have some concerns, it is an effective silica supplement. If you’re a healthy adult, you should have absolutely no problem taking horsetail grass. Just remember to account for the water loss and you should be fine.

#3 Choice – Bamboo

Surprisingly, bamboo is also an excellent source of silica. Although it is not used nearly as frequently as horsetail or diatomaceous earth, bamboo has a very high concentration of silica, making it valuable as a supplement. If you decide to take bamboo, you’ll want to take a much lower dose due to its’ higher concentration.


If you can, look for bamboo in capsule form – it will prevent you from consuming too much silica per day.



Any one of these three supplements will supply you with enough silica each day. Silica is a vital mineral for your health, so supplementing silica can dramatically improve your health.

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